#TheSpaceBar® is a blog by Alex and serves as a ride-along journey on his personal quest to learn more about Outer Space-related facts, laws, science, policies, and regulations. 

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Disclaimer: This blog offers no legal advice, is not intended to be a source of legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please seek out a lawyer directly. I am just a space cadet in this adventure, and after all, space law/policy can be like rocket science.

Onboarding: Welcome to #TheSpaceBar

Onboarding: Welcome to #TheSpaceBar

The Sky Over Joshua Tree (Courtesy: Suli Yuan)

We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.
— Carl Sagan

From bottle rockets to model airplanes, from Deep Space Nine to the moon of Endor, whether it's discussed in reality or fiction, Space, our next frontier and celestial temple, has always had an enduring and everlasting impact on my imagination and curiosity. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always yearned to learn more about Space and the myriad of things surrounding it: from spaceships to astronauts, from stars to galaxies; this interest underlined many of my favorite pastimes, whether it's reading sci-fi novels (two thumbs up for the Rogue Squadron series), watching movies and tv shows (BSG was my nightly break during the summer of bar studying), or playing video games (still need to finish Wing Commander). Even to this day, I still find myself glancing up to the stars on a quiet dark night and my ears perking up at any mention of news related to Space. While I collected bits and pieces of Space-related knowledge through these activities, I gradually realized that I have never taken the time to truly learn about Space nor explored deeply into any specific facet of the many topics surrounding this vast space. 

This is where this blog, #TheSpaceBar, comes in. With the legal field being a central part of my current profession,  I have decided to explore, drill, and learn more about Space as well as the laws, regulations, and policies surrounding space exploration and the commercial enterprises operating in this frontier. Although it's an area of the law that is up-and-coming with humanity's renewed focus on the stars, it is also a legal environment that is still in its infancy. #TheSpaceBar is both my attempt to contribute to this area of law and also a personal journal of my quest to learn more about Space-related laws. #TheSpaceBar is also a way to keep me honest in this pursuit as I believe the best way to build my Space-related knowledge is by summarizing what I have read, researched, and learned.

Hence, the Space Bar is a ride-along journey for my audience. But, I also hope that, through my posts, you will discover the starting point to resources and topics that will ignite your own interest in areas related to Space. As a personal hobby, I can't promise you the most polished posts (if there is one thing that law school and a clerkship have ingrained in me is that a piece of writing is never finished, only abandoned) or a regularly spaced out publishing schedule. But, I promise you that my posts will be filled with genuine reflections and citations to useful resources (along with the use of only one spacebar after a period). 

And now dear readers, start the countdown, grab a drink, and prepare for launch to our next frontier. 

The International Telecommunications Union: Orbital Parking Enforcement

The International Telecommunications Union: Orbital Parking Enforcement